How We Assist You & Your Loved Ones

An independent set of eyes that insures the financial obligations of the senior community are being met.  Do you want to age in place or prepare for a move?  Are Medicare & insurance becoming daunting?  Let the business of home, health and finance in the digital age weigh on our shoulders.


Your one-to-one resource for home and money management, exclusively serving the senior community. Whether managing bills, home maintenance, or in-depth projects to evaluate the efficiency of your budget or when preparing for a move, Senior Checks and Balances will work with you and your loved ones in complete safety and confidentiality.

Many seniors find themselves floundering or drowning in monthly bills, home maintenance, Medicare/insurance compliance and retirement finances. Combined with today’s digitization of banking and enrollments, many people begin to lose grasp of their monthly budgets. This is when Senior Checks and Balances can help seniors and their loved ones.

Simply, Senior Checks and Balances will insure that your household runs efficiently and that your retirement remains safe and secure. Whether it is a monthly meeting to review bills, mail or health claims or a larger scale project to prepare for a move or life event – Senior Checks and Balances will design a plan that you understand and can control. Senior Checks and Balances is simply that extra set of eyes that is familiar with the nuances and possible pitfalls inherent in retirement and healthcare budgeting. Senior Checks and Balances’ goal is to insure that your household, finances and medical coverage operate efficiently without undue stress.

Senior Checks and Balances offers personally tailored services that do NOT require you to share any personal information.

Contact us today to discuss your concerns and goals.

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