The Work of Retirement

Female Neighbor Helping Senior Woman To Complete Form

For many, the days of retirement represent freedom from “work” – meaning, the mundane responsibilities that don’t necessarily bring happiness & joy.  The moving parts of household management, personal finances and healthcare actually multiply as we all age.  Taking up more of our time and representing large stress triggers.  Counterproductive to a relaxing retirement.

  • Managing housekeepers, landscapers & paying utilities
  • Healthcare claims & Medicare enrollments
  • Organizing and evaluating mail/emails, statement, marketing and invoices

These are just a few elements that we all must manage during our senior years.

For example, December is a very busy month for Seniors and it’s not because of a busy holiday party schedule!  Medicare re-enrollments and end of year IRA distributions must be attended to or else.  Lay these stressful and critical activities on top of the rest of the business of managing home/lifestyle can leave anyone stressed and exhausted!  Enter Senior Checks & Balances – we are here to be your extra set of eyes or even manage it all for you.  It’s your retirement.

Senior Checks & Balances carries the chore of bills, insurance and household management so your days can be defined by the retirement you’ve earned.  With a customized plan that is directed by you, Senior Checks & Balances keeps your home and finances running like a well oiled machine.  The most important element – this is all accomplished without the transfer of any personal or account information.  To boot, Senior Checks & Balances is not nameless & faceless – we rely on regular face to face meetings with you to insure the business of your home & retirement is being managed to the greatest efficiency and transparency.

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