Financial Caregiving

When it comes to engaging assistance as we age, the focus weighs heavily on the physical end of the spectrum.  Creating safe environments that allow us to age in place while managing new and changing states of health seems to dominate the conversation.  Home health aides, caregivers and companions offer a host of solutions and assistance that create a seamless transition into our senior years.

Yet, very rarely is any emphasis placed on the finance of the household during this period of transition.  Many believe that if they have engaged a wealth manager or financial planner to oversee savings, IRAs or investments that all is secure and sound.   Overlooking the day to day finances of health and home can create even greater implications on the individual as they age.

There are five areas where we seek professional guidance to protect our lifestyle and future –

  1.  Investment/Savings – CPAs, CFPs, Wealth Managers, etc..
  2. Healthcare – From doctors to in home assistance
  3. Insurance – Agents supplying policies covering health, property and life.
  4. Estate – Lawyers and professionals creating the “firewalls” for the protection of your holdings and interests.
  5. Home & Lifestyle – Who is protecting and advising on household budgets, household spending, tax documentation preparation, Medicare enrollments and the litany of other details that clog our inboxes and mail slots?  Who is insuring that the other four stakeholders, listed above, are working in concert?


The stakes of household and healthcare finance are higher as we age.  Keeping accounts current, meeting bill deadlines, assessing the validity of charges, navigating online billings, recurring charges – all can create significant damage to our lifestyle if not managed correctly.  Additionally,  there is the necessary understanding and expertise of the health insurance landscape that can have detrimental effects, financially & physically, if not management appropriately.

The same way we engage home health aides to insure physical safety at home, the need for Daily Money Management and Certified Senior Advisors to protect our cash flow and access to healthcare is vital. 

  • Setting up a sound budget that anticipates expenditures and can clearly track changes as they occur.
  • A living record of healthcare spending that follows the life of each claim and captures out of pocket spending.
  • Clear communication with all other “custodians” (doctors, CFPs, CPAs, lawyers….) so enrollments, taxes and distributions are completed with the least amount of stress and uncertainty.

Engaging a professional to assist with the business of household and healthcare insures peace of mind that daily cashflow and access to care are secure and protected.

Contact us today to discuss how we may assist you and your loved ones.

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