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Senior Checks & Balances was established after my own family members began to age, and the combination of their monthly bills, home maintenance, and savings/investment oversight along with the minefield of Medicare, was overwhelming their lives. With the added barriers of technology, on-line payments, statements and enrollment forms– they needed an extra set of eyes and hands to insure that their lives were running smoothly and that all obligations were being met to insure their safety and well-being.

How can we assist you and your loved ones?

Two months ago, I brought Senior Checks & Balances on to review my monthly credit card billing and subscriptions. I was immediately pleased with their knowledge and efficiency. Since then, I’ve had them in twice each week to assist with various projects including Medicare billing, organizing my files, charitable donations, switching insurance carriers and getting ready to

Senior Checks & Balances was founded by Jill Dillingham, a graduate of Miami University (OH) with a degree in economics. Additionally, she is a member of the Illinois Continuity of Care Association, a Certified Senior Advisor® and member of the Association of Daily Money Managers. Jill is a native of Chicago’s North Shore where she currently resides with her husband and two children.

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Reach out today to discuss how we can create and insure freedom and peace of mind for your or your loved ones.

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