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Native of Chicago's North Shore, Jill is the Founder of Senior Checks and Balances - a one on one consultancy that works with the senior community to insure financial security and efficiency. Jill is a graduate of Miami University (OH) with a degree in Economics, is a Certified Senior Advisor and member of the Association of Daily Money Managers.

What Can I Do to Help My Elderly Loved Ones with Their Finances?

Taking control of your parents’ finances can be a difficult matter for the entire family. It can be tough for a person to admit that they need help with their finances, especially when the signs are clear. If they are not keeping up with bill payment, are confused about their statements, or are making poor financial decisions, then it is time to intervene. In any event, you should be gentle when bringing up this topic. Here are some important tips for helping your elderly parents with their finances. This checklist… Read more What Can I Do to Help My Elderly Loved Ones with Their Finances?

Talking About Money – The Elephant In The Room

My parents taught me it wasn’t polite to talk about money. To this day, I have no idea how much my parents income was over the years nor what they have in savings. That’s not even getting into their wills, estate planning or types of insurance they may or may not have. Every day, I hear the same from peers – the bulk of people really don’t know what kind of future their parents are prepared for. Generally, most families just chug along without transparency around Advanced Care Planning, Estate/Trust… Read more Talking About Money – The Elephant In The Room

Senior woman reviewing finances on computer

Senior Security: Fraud & Identity Theft

The methods that can be used to milk you or your loved one out of life savings and future financial security truly can be insidious.  Just this past week, I received a call from a family seeking help for their father after he shared his Social Security number with his new neighbor on the promise of being included in a mythical real estate investment.