What are Senior Checks & Balances’ services?

As Certified Senior Advisors®, Senior Checks & Balances, Inc. (SCB) provides assistance & guidance to our clientele who may no longer want to shoulder the burden of paperwork and bills or may be experiencing difficulty managing personal finances and insurance management in the digital age. Some of the types of services we provide can include:

Bill Payment, account reconciliations, budget preparation and auditing, household management, medical claims/enrollment assistance or tax record organization. The scope of services provided will vary based on clients needs and wants.

What is the charge for your services?

It varies based on the type of engagement. If you require help on a regular basis, services are billed on an hourly basis with cost depending on the intricacy of your needs. Conversely, projects that have a defined start and end date will be calculated at a flat rate. These types of engagements can include move assistance, tax prep, end of life reconciliation, short term bill pay, home watch and so forth.

Do I have to hand over control over my finances?

Absolutely not. Senior Checks & Balances can perform most duties without any access to your personal information. You decide to what extent SCB will engage with your accounts and information. Overall, SCB’s strives to relieve stress or anxiety around managing personal finance or health/insurance related paperwork. We are a safety net around your health, home and lifestyle so your focus can be on enjoying life, family & friends.

Does Senior Checks & Balances, Inc. take the place of my other legal, investment or financial professionals?

No, SCB does not provide any counsel on matters of tax, law or investment. By working in concert with your existing team of professionals, we can insure efficiency and maximized return. Be it working with your physician to select the correct Part D product or coordinating with your CFA for end of year distributions, SCB’s goal is to do the heavy lifting for you so you can enjoy the best possible outcome.

Are you insured?

Yes, Senior Checks & Balances, Inc. carries liability insurance underwritten through Lloyd’s of London.

Do you have a privacy agreement?

Yes, all clients are supplied a detailed privacy agreement on the first date we work together.
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