A Personal Assistant That Understands The Business of Being a Senior

The family home is something to be cherished.  Filled with memories, tradition and comfort, the home is a source of pride and identity for many in the senior community. As the technology and services of utilities & home maintenance evolve, the overall needs for those aging in place will inevitably change over time too.  Today,Continue reading “A Personal Assistant That Understands The Business of Being a Senior”

Always ask and always be patient

Photo by Gervyn Louis on Unsplash I was recently reminded of a two fundamentals to working with seniors and must be shared with anyone whose parents or loved ones continue to manage their own home and finances.  1.  Always ask if you can help…… even if they’ve already said no five times.  2.  Never assume it comes asContinue reading “Always ask and always be patient”

Managing Your Lifestyle Wherever It May Take You

Photo by James Hose Jr on Unsplash The challenges of Financial Caregiving vary with each client relationship. From the rigors of a family fighting the good fight of cognitive decline, managing the shutdown and end of life services for a family who have lost a loved one or simply assisting someone with their daily money management, the Advisors of Senior ChecksContinue reading “Managing Your Lifestyle Wherever It May Take You”

Senior Security: Fraud & Identity Theft

The methods that can be used to milk you or your loved one out of life savings and future financial security truly can be insidious.  Just this past week, I received a call from a family seeking help for their father after he shared his Social Security number with his new neighbor on the promise of being included in a mythical real estate investment.  

Deductions: A quick guide to healthcare write offs

Once out of pocket expenditures exceed 10% of adjusted gross income you’ve got deductions!