The Snowball Effect – Finances & Aging

As we age our cognitive ability to manage regular tasks, such as IRA distributions, tax preparation and account reconciliation diminish.  

The Work of Retirement

For many, the days of retirement represent freedom from “work” – meaning, the chores of managing home and paperwork.  Yet, the moving parts of household management, personal finances and healthcare actually multiply as we all age.  The activities end up taking up more of our time and representing large stress triggers.  Counterproductive to a relaxingContinue reading “The Work of Retirement”

It’s not just paying bills

While just a portion of Senior Checks & Balances’ relationship with our clients is insuring that bills are getting paid, the landscaper is hauling the leaves or you’re enrolled in the right prescription plan, the bedrock is lifting the stress of finance and home responsibilities.  With that, our role is exclusively what you need…… EmailContinue reading “It’s not just paying bills”